To register, you must login to the Member's area.  Read below to find out about your new username and password.


A new user account has been created for you. 

NOTE: If you were a member last year and your email address has not changed, you will have received an email that includes your new username.  If you did not receive an email, but were a member last year, you can still register.  The new usernames are based on your first and last names and are patterned like Firstname_Lastname (e.g. Fred_Smith - notice the "underscore" character in between).

As this is a new website and a new online registration process, all returning Members must use the Forgot Login? link (also seen to the right or bottom of the page) to retrieve your new temporary password.  Once the window opens, click the Lost Password box, (ensure the Lost Username box is left unchecked), then enter your Username and Email address where indicated.  Then click on Send Password button and you will receive your new temporary password by email.

Once you receive the email, log into the website using your new credentials and click the Registration link in the Member's Area. You can then begin your registration by clicking the Online Registration link.


As mentioned in the Note above, you must create a username and password. Please click the following link to do this: Sign-Up

When your website access is approved by the Club, you will receive an email confirmation. Once you receive the email, log into the website with the credentials you just created and click the Registration link in the Member's Area.  You can then begin your registration to become a member of the Anchorage Curling Club by clicking the Online Registration link.



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