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ACC Womens Spiel

IMG 20240202 130520The ACC is hosting its second womens only bonspiel to celebrate women in curling and to support the community of Alaskan women!  Last year was a hit, so let's do it again ladies!

The event will be a 1-day bonspiel with teams formed by drawing from a hat.  If you really want to play with a specific person, write their names in the comment box and we should be able to accommodate that. Games will be 4-6 ends depending on the number of teams.

The theme for the bonspiel will be "Let's Misbehave!"  But, hold up, it's not necessarily what you think. ;) 

Some of the most influential women in history didn't always conform to the way things were in society. Their misbehavin' changed history and paved the way for women's rights and freedoms today! Think Amelia Earhart, Cleopatra, Dolly Parton, Marie Curie, Margaret Sanger, Lucille Ball, Rosa Parks...   These women were ground breakers, women who ran so we could walk. 

Costumes are encouraged! I mean after all, girls just wanna have fun, right?

In addition to a day of curling, wine tasting will be provided by awesome volunteers of the ACC.  Dinner will be poluck style, so whip out those favorite recipes that you've been dying to share!

Note that if you want to participate in wine tasting, there will be an additional fee to pay at the bar that day. 

The entry fee is a variable price following 3 recommendations:

  1. Standard Entry Fee:  $40  Includes entry, dinner, and amazing event merchandice
  2. Paying It Forward:  $40+  This is to pay for standard entry, plus a donation either towards those who want to curl but may not be able to put forth $40, or a donation to the Abused Women's Aid In Crisis (AWAIC) center.  
  3. Women Supporting Women: This option is for those who cannot drop $40 on the event but still want to participate in the event. Recommended fees for this option are $10, $20 or $30.  The remaining balance will be met by the Paying It Forward option.  We want all women to have the chance to enjoy a day of curling and dinner!  We got your back! 

Donation Only: You're also welcome to donate money towards the event or to AWAIC, without participating in the event!  Fill out the registration form, and note in the comments that it's strictly a donation towards the event or AWAIC.

We're getting t-shirts too!!  If you would like a Women's Spiel t-shirt in time for the spiel, fill out this form BY MARCH 4th to grab one! 

In addition to the direct donations to AWAIC, a portion of overall proceeds from the event will also be donated to AWAIC.

Please note:  This event will be focused for adult women of the club to have a good time, so it may not always be a strictly PG type environment for youth. 

Event Properties

Event Date 03-23-2024
Event End Date 03-23-2024
Cut off date 03-23-2024
Capacity 35
Registered 15
Available place 20
Individual Price Variable
Location Anchorage Curling Club

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